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Signs Of Eu Vote Rigging - Foreign Voters Have Been Wrongly Sent Polling Cards For The Referendum


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A Leave campaign supporter in Nottingham they said has received an email from a local election official admitting: 'If an elector lies during their registration, we are not able to check to see if the nationality is correct or not.

'We have to assume that the elector is submitting their correct nationality.'


"several examples have emerged of Polish, German and Swedish migrants living in the UK being sent polling slips for the historic June 23 vote."

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If that's not remedied before the referendum takes place then there would be justification for the result to be cancelled if the vote is Bremain and only if it's Bremain.

On the basis that they're more likely to vote Bremain.

The fresh vote to be taken when people are confident it's been remedied.

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How independent can you be when you are funded by the govt?

...hah ...hah..they are in trouble with expenses for the general election and we may have some reruns including NF's potential seat...if they get the referendum wrong they will face a rerun ...who can trust them to support democracy ..?...... :rolleyes:

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