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Who Is My Landlord?


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I have a 1yr contract with J who owns the house we live in. Contract ends in august.

Mid contract he sold his house to A (his son) and we switched rent payments to him.

The sale has not shown in LR data... 6 months and counting.

Does it matter who owns it? In 20 yrs of renting I've never seen proof of ownership at any property. Do I just sign new contract with A?

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It may not have been a sale - just a transfer at nil value (which would not attract SDLT, but would be a deemed disposal for CGT purposes by J).

The transfer would still have to be noted at the land registry but wouldn't show up in the monthly transaction stats.

Have you done a search on title at the land registry - this will confirm who is the current owner, and who your contract should be with


Apologies if I'm teaching my grandmother to suck eggs......

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