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long time lurking

Armstrong Economics Open Letter To The Guardian

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The Guardian headline is supporting government propaganda that 9 out of 10 economists warn of a dire future if Britain exits the EU. For a newspaper who published Snowden, I would expect a lot more integrity on this issue. The Guardian is reporting propaganda on a grand scale.

Propaganda being reported by the guardian on a grand scale and yesterday telegraph readers were told that the UK is the most corrupt country in the world.

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I prefer this part

he propaganda implies that economic growth in Britain has benefited from the EU single market since it joined in 1973. Let us expose the lies and corruption propagated by this pool of economists. Using the government’s own statistics from the Office for National Statistics, annual economic growth for Britain peaked BEFORE it joined the EU and has been declining ever since. This forecast that leaving the EU will have a negative impact on British economic growth is clearly a bunch off lies. Annual economic growth for Britain has fallen ever since it joined the EU in 1973. Each rally produced a lower economic growth peak.
This is the end of Britain if it remains in the EU and the media will not tell the truth or expose what is going on all to save the jobs of bureaucrats at the expense of their own families (feel free to forward this article to everyone). The British pound peaked against the dollar in 1864. It has been a bear market long-term. If the pound simply now closes below 14600 for 2016, it will fall to make new historic lows well under par to the dollar seen back in 1985.

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Martin Armstrong (along with Karl Denninger) has been one of the few commentators who has been highly critical of government reaction to the credit crunch, but has not bought into the Hyperinflation hysteria that most austrians, tea partiers, Ron Paul acolytes and the rest fell into.

That said, why, given somewhere around 99% of economics failed to predict the credit crunch, would anyone trust economists anyway. Its sad that many of the people making up these doomsday projections will be the same ones who said 'everythings OK' in 2007, just before everything went boom. I doubt any lost their gravy train jobs.

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