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June Eu Referendum Poll


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What we need is a Poll of Polls... Hmmm

Like this one https://ig.ft.com/sites/brexit-polling/

Can we have adjusted averages and different weightings for the latter ones ...please...... so we get the right result

Source : FT Research

* The FT poll of polls is calculated by taking the last seven polls from unique pollsters up to a given date, removing the two polls with the highest and lowest shares for 'remain', and calculating an adjusted average of the five remaining polls, where the more recent polls are given a higher weight

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I've just been to the local hairdressers in a white English working class area, strangely my hairdresser asked me which way i'm voting in the referendum to which i said "leave". She replied only one person she has asked in the last few weeks has been for remain.

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