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Samuel Whiskers

The Winners Curse

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I have been looking again at Fred Harrison's "Boom bust, house prices, banking and the depression of 2010"

It seems that things could move in line with his predictions. If prices resume their upward trajectory then it would conform to his "winners curse" idea - that before the really substantial crash there will be a runaway phase of further speculation and only then will we reach the cataclysmic phase.

Happy Holidays to everybody.

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Guest Bart of Darkness

So what you are basically saying is there is no crash due at the moment.



Desperate for whatever reassurance you can get eh TTRTR?

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I think what he was really saying is if you are smart you would already be out... If not you should come to forums and say how much money you are making.......oh... and keep praying it will never stop!

Like I said the smart guys would be out already because they know a boom always leads to a crash.... its the way of the world! Maybe not today... Maybe not tomorrow... But soon and for the rest a long time!

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If we see the predicted interest rate drops, then yes, but hopefully not by too much. We wouldn't want more IR drops to be prevented would we?

The ironic thing is that IR cuts make a house crash inevitable... Cut IR get more mugs on the ladder.... If spending is still slow (as it will be!) interest rates cut again... house prices rise a little more....... hang on a roly mo we need to stop the HPI (Mr Brown consults with Tony) Raise the IR's...... just .25 to slow down the increase....

Joe Public finally sh*t themselves house price crash really kicks off.. Government try to stop it by reducing rates..... OH **** we dont have any give in the rates... We drop them any more we will be nearly at 0%....

Suddenly the rollercoater has gone over the edge and we all just have to hang on and enjoy the ride...

I know that BoE controls the IR but as we all know the Government pulls strings and the BoE will think the same way!


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Guest Charlie The Tramp

Yes 2006 will be a very interesting year for all economic observers both amateur and professional.

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