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Why when Salmond comes up with things like " oil will bankroll an independent scotland and it will never go below $100 a barrel again" is he invited to talk about matters of independence? How big, or how many utterly unfounded 'predictions' can moronic politicians make before they are on the scrapheap?

Exactly the panel is chock full of people who just flannel and windbag their self serving way through and most often their predictions are miles out.

Yet they're still given a platform to propagate their preposterous predictions and perspectives.

Blimey some of them even help to run the country.

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Hopefully the young will wake up and vote Brexit. No idea why so many young people seem to want to remain in the Union.

I can only think that they don't clearly understand the issues. So it falls to all of us - the older people - to make sure they do understand!

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Did you hear the gasps and wailing when Ms James said 'I'd rather my doctor spoke English"? She might as well have said "I don't want no n***ers laying their c**n hands on our white wimmin".

It's a hysteric pantomime.

Amazing when you consider that in so many other countries all over the world they speak good English - indeed it's hysteric panto, it's beyond parody it's so pathetic.

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