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Axis Of Evil Increases Its Us Exports By 85%

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Forget your perdudices, Aljazeera is a soucre of news worthy information, it's a source respected by the Muslim world, and for that very reason it merits visiting. Once we understand how others view the world we have a better chance of co-existing on this planet we all share

Syrian exports to US up 85%

Now whilst there I noticed this:

Scholar : There is no clash of civilisations

The writings on Islam of Karen Armstrong, one of the foremost authorities on monotheistic religions and traditions, have come into public focus after the 11 September 2001 attacks on America.

Born in 1944, Armstrong began her journey to faith as a Roman Catholic nun but left her order in 1969 when she embarked on a doctoral study of Lord Tennyson.

She later left academia and, following a brief teaching stint, began researching the life of St Paul for a documentary series.

This eventually led to a re-examination of religions and several books on the subject including A History of God: The 4000-Year Quest of Judaism, Christianity and Islam; Jerusalem: One City, Three Faiths; Muhammad: a Biography of the Prophet; The Battle for God; and Islam: A Short History.

Armstrong is currently teaching Christianity at London's Leo Baeck College for the Study of Judaism. Her latest publication focuses on the birth of compassion in the pre-Christian Axial Age.

Firas Al-Atraqchi, Aljazeera.net's contributing editor, recently caught up with Armstrong in Cairo where she was delivering lectures on religion as part of the American University in Cairo's English public lecture series.

And I thought ummmm worth a read maybe, she certainly appears to have a pedigree..................then I read this :rolleyes:

Similarly, with our British bombers, they were kept in a part of Yorkshire, in northern England, that I have never visited. And that is indicative - I wouldn't go there.

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Just wanted to amplify the plug for Aljazeera.

It has a very good website containing well-written and balanced news coverage.

Bush's hatred of the station is very hard to understand. I think it was because they showed footage of hostages being killed, but they were certainly not alone in doing this.

But as Catch 22 said, if you want a good digest of Middle Eastern affairs, and a fair summary of world news, it is as good as any.

So have a look, if you ever believed the American propoganda you will be amazed by what you see. . . .

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The output of opium from Afghanistan has trebled since we liberated them and a found set up to destroy the crop of drugs on the ground ended up getting $5,000,000 for evey acre of drugs they destroyed.

Now how many labours does it take to chop and burn a field full of poppies and remember the local labours are working for peanuts a day.

Like the MAFIA , your government is involved in the drugs trade.

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