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Will The New World Order Affect House Prices

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I thought that would get your attention

I appreciate it should be in the Off-Topic section and nodoubt the Mods will move it there. I just thought I would give it a bit of air time on the main board, while The Oldie and Charlie the Tramp are having their midday Boomer naps :D

I found this site goggling Robert Maxwell to confirm if he was buried on the Mount Of Olives. Anyway I've not read it, but it appears to flag up the usual suspects. And I thought some might find it interesting because it is a well designed site which is easy to read [not all links work mind ]

So if Santa failed to give you some exiting reading material it might be worth taking a look at even if you don't subscribe to all this conspiracy theory.

And I thought if ShakerBaby takes the time out to read it over Xmas his hairy palms might heal up in time for the New Years Eve................Old Lang Syne singalong :P

The Final Warning

The Illuminati

The House of Rothschild


The Illuminati Grows

The German Union

and The French Revolution

The Illuminati Spreads to America

Secret Societies: Phi-Beta Kappa and Skull and Bones

Congress of Vienna

The Masons Separate Themselves from the Illuminati

The Illuminati in the United States

The Illuminati Leadership Changes


The Beginning of Monetary Control

The Federal Reserve Act

How Our Gold Reserves Have Been Manipulated and US Economy Destroyed

The New Money

Federal Income Tax


The Rockefeller Foundation

The Carnegie Endowment

and The Ford Foundation

The Stock Market Crash and Depression


World War I

and League of Nations


The Illuminati Creates Racial Tension

The Electoral College

Symbol of the Illuminati


British East India Company

The Fabian Society

The Round Table

The Council on Foreign Relations

The CFR Elects Nixon

The CFR and Their Goals


The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion

World War II and the Rise of Hitler

The Deception of Pearl Harbor


The Origin of Communism

The Rise of Karl Marx

Lenin Takes Control

The Russian Revolution

China Goes Communist

Korea Falls

The Vietnam Conquest

The Cuban Cover-up

The Communists Fight Among Themselves

The Spread of Communism

Disarming America

The End of Communism?

The Ultimate Goal of Communism


The Brookings Institution

The Committee for Economic Development

The United Nations

European Union

The Bilderberger Group

Atlas Shrugged

The Seven Sisters

The Club of Rome

Independent Commission on International Issues


The Trilateral Commission

Regional Government

Creating a Crisis

Riot and Revolution

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You left out David Icke and his giant lizards

It was just a quick copy paste job :D

I wouldn't stand for lizards running the show, frogs now I like frogs. I used to have a pond full of frogs....never showed any traits that hinted at world domination though, but I must admit they liked to travel alot. :rolleyes:

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People don't realise just how much power Santa has.

He runs a vast manufacturing organisation at the North Pole, employs millions of elves, controls (and suppresses) fabulous conventional technology (flying sleighs, incredible delivery systems, ability to enter and leave houses undetected) and biotech (Santa himself never ages, flying reindeer).

Santa has always beeen benevolent up till now, but ultimately corruption always follows that kind of power.

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Got this banner from the link above, i think it's wrong


The color of money is not Black but Red as GWB has attacked his own people in an attempt to fill his pockets. Are we going to let him get away with it or should we rock and roll boys.

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Santa has always beeen benevolent up till now, but ultimately corruption always follows that kind of power.

so santa employs slave labour!!!!

that's it I've heard it all...no more xmas!!!!!...no more celebrations!!!!....baaah humbug!!!!!...burn your bra!!!......NOBODY is allowed to celebrate ANYTHING...AT ALL...EVER......just in case it upsets somebody else.

...and we will be watching to make sure you don't on our new technicolour CCTV!!!!

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Just remember, SANTA is an anagram of SATAN

It ain't no accident, that he comes down the chimney all covered in soot.

Ahhh satan claws... brings back fond memories

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I would have thought the prospect of santa cumming down the chimney and emptying his sack all over your capret would give the kids nightmares!!!...especially when most blokes who dress up as santa these days look like gary-glitter in drag.

...who needs the boogeyman?!!

Edited by oracle

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