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1 Month Extension To Tenancy


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I'm hoping some of you may have some experience of this situation. My 1-year assured shorthold tenancy comes to an end on 13th May and I'd like to move out as soon after that as possible. My flatmate would like to stay. Now I realise I could just leave on the 13th May but I don't want to be unreasonable about it. I'd like to give my flatmate an extra month to find a replacement BUT I don't want to go onto a rolling contract where I cannot leave without an agreed replacement. I don't want my flatmate to drag her feet in finding someone. Have any of you had experience of agreeing a 1 month extension to a tenancy with lettings agents that does not oblige me to stay beyond the 14th June?

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If you are a joint tenant read this page:


Under the heading "Ending a joint tenancy: when one person leaves"

it says:

"If you have a periodic tenancy, or the fixed-term has ended and your tenancy has not been renewed, one tenant can end the whole tenancy and does not need the agreement of the other joint tenants. The landlord must be given a valid written notice and there are special rules about how and when this must be done."

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Thanks for the replies. My problem seems to have been solved by the lettings agents agreeing to give my flatmate a new lease... along with a 15% rent rise, a £180 fee to do a £10 credit check on the new tenant, and a £60 admin fee to change a name and a date on the contract. Looks like we'll both be moving out. Welcome to the world of London private rental!

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If she does want to stay it might be worth her while talking directly to the landlord about it - he might not have any idea what the lettings agents are up to.

Mine didn't, he sacked the letting agent when he found out some of the things they were up to, we now deal direct to our mutual advantage. Actually, it's probably more to my advantage as I think he still has to pay them for doing nothing.

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