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Been thinking a website along the lines of trip advisor for rental properties offer an excellent opportunity for feedback and contribute to driving standards for rental accommodation.

Much in the same way TripAdvisor works for hotels, venues etc, what's stopping someone making a site to rate rentals. It could be done by the property address so there is a history there, tenants could report issues during tenancy and on checkout etc. Properly moderated it would give fair chance for landlords to sort issues and improve the feedback score, rewarding good landlords whilst empowering tenants.

Sure landlords would hate it but only the bad ones? It's already there in the form of airb&b.

Perhaps there is something already out there like this?

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I have thought along the same lines. My worry is you might need a good lawyer and obviously you need moderators to oversee the site and try and stop legal action before it starts. You woudl have to stop people saying things like,

"My landlady is a vinegary old sourpus who looks down her nose at me, carpets were 30 years old, lied to us about sewage system which added £100's to cost of property. Can't be bothered to repair stuff and when we told them approach road had puddles 2 foot deep we were told to buy a 4x4"

Now that is actually about my landlady but of course I expect bitter people would be posting names and addresses and saying a lot worse.

Would only be useful really after people have left the property but would be good. Maybe you need something along the liens of a rating system with numbered choices: ease of getting repairs 9 out of 10. ease of getting deposit back etc.

If you need some help I have a bit of web hosting experience and some Drupal knowledge - others here have proper IT skills!

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Good point about the legal cover. Perhaps the way eBay has gone with the stars system, as you mentioned may provide the safest option. There must be the same problems faced by hotels etc in that anyone can wrote a terrible review, and often it's people that have a bad experience that are driven to write a review in the first place. Somehow they've managed it well as sites like TripAdvisor work very well although that's partly because the volume of reviews mean you can get a good average. I can see the problem being for property rentals that it would take a look time to build up a useful history. It is something that needs addressing though as there is no good feedback loop open to the renting public.

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