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Thank You For Graham Recommendation

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I can't find the thread to reply on, but somebody recently recommended Benjamin Grahams "The Intelligent Investor" on a thread about protecting ourselves.

My whole hearted thanks to whomever that was.

I'm on the commentary of chapter 3 now.

In some ways I feel it's a shame that the current edition is from 2003, right at the beginning of an extraordinary period and has not been revised since 2008.

On the other hand, it is very interesting to read Jason Zweigs commentary from 2003 with the context of what has happened since.

The challenge for me is in applying the the concepts and the wisdom in the current environment. I think it might take a second reading before I'm able to, but the existence of that challenge is in some ways what makes me want to continue reading.

It's early days for me yet, just wanted to thank the poster for steering me, but I'd be interested in any thoughts about the applicability of Grahams methods in modern times and what he would make of the current state of affairs.

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