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As a potential 1st Time Buyer trying to get on the property ladder around the Guildford Surrey/Hampshire area........A crash would help a lot. House prices are ridiculous. Shared Ownership properties are few and far between. The Starter Home Scheme is seemingly too late and as far as I'm aware - as it stands - none are being built where I am from anytime soon.

House Prices

1 bed Maisonette £200,000

2 bed apartment £280,000

3 bed house £350,000

4 bed house £450,000

My Parents bought a 3 bed home in 1987 for £60,000. The average salary then was £11,000.


That 3 Bed house is valued currently at £400,000. Current average UK salary = £26,000.


Come on!

Starter Home Scheme

As far as I'm aware this scheme will offer homes for AT LEAST 20% lower than the typical local price.

The scheme was announced 15 months ago and House Prices have risen 10% since then. By the time any Starter Homes are built around here - the prices will have probably risen another 5, 10, 20%?

Hopefully - the government will sell these properties with more than a 20% discount seeing as house prices have and look to get more and more expensive.

- Why can't they just sell homes with 20, 30, 40% discount, but let the developers or have the government own the discount percentage.

- Why can't they sell plots of land at discounted prices and let us build our own homes if they are inept at building the amount of homes we require.

Has anyone ever teamed up with a lot of other budding home owners to purchase large plots of land so that the land can be separated out and self-builds be built?

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I wish you hadn't use the phrase 'get on the housing ladder'. Why not just say you are hoping to buy somewhere to live ? Talking about ladders is something that people who already own houses do, especially if they are trying to sell one ! I am thinking about using the same trick when I sell my Volvo. Rather than just saying 'Volvo V70 for sale' I might insert the word 'bargain' in front of Volvo. Then I will ask twice what it's worth and hope that some mug falls for it. I think its called subliminal messaging.

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??? I think you are asking the wrong questions ???

Why can't the government keep completely out if the housing market! Prices would have dropped a lot more 2008-10 and maybe a few over-leverage people would have learnt a lesson about borrowing too much and be out of the market now!

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