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The Rent Multiplier In Trouble - How Many Cities Are Council Rents Falling?

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In Sheffield the council is lowering social rents by 1%, I'm guessing because in part local wages are falling, which helps to calculate the local rent level. As GDP keeps getting a boost by rents forever going up if councils have to lower rents because wages are falling will the pretence of private rents going up continue within the GDP calculation? Also are Osborne's reforms going to dampen private rent increases as well, again potentially lowering GDP???

How many other councils are lowering rents this year? Can people post on here what their local council is doing.


rents for Council dwellings, including Temporary Accommodation, are reduced by 1% from April 2016 in line with the requirements of the anticipated Welfare Reform and Work Act 2016;

And from a few years ago this was in the local paper.


The business plan, approved at a full council meeting, sets out plans to continue raising rents up to 2017/18.

Increases of 4.5 per cent in 2014/15, 4.8 per cent in 2015/16, three per cent in 2016/17 and 2.9 per cent in 2017/18 are proposed.

The extra rent is needed to meet the Government’s target for council rents - which have historically been low - to converge with rents charged by housing associations and to ensure running costs are covered.

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Best friend who works for a mid sized RSL said it was a convenient back door method of cutting the housing benefit bill without any of the political fall out the 'bedroom tax' caused. He also said the business plan where he is had been built on a steady increase in rents each year and that Osborne's announcement had caught the management on the hop so to speak..

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Yes, I got my rent letter yesterday .

Rent down 1% and for the following 3 years.

I had assumed it was to reduce the cost of HB ?

It was laughable how councils could increase our rents by 7% per year and think they could get away with it. (the wife gets no rise.....nhs.....me neither)

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You are one of the puppies of the lessor dog.

But as I said though they did double our rent in around ten years.

I remeber you saying how much your rent has gone up over the last few years. Still, a council dwelling is a much better postion to be in than to be the easy prey for the private sector. Luckily my LL isn't the worst by far.

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