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This clearly illustrates how stock levels have fallen.

Here is a graph of houses for sale on Rightmove from 3 estate agents in my area, it runs from July 2014 to the current day.


The estate agents are Taylors, Connells and Derek Spires in Bearwood. Taylors started off as Taylors but it morphed into Humberstones quite a while back.

I've shared the raw numbers too, should someone find this interesting.




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The stock levels look exactly the same for my areas of interest, North Wales and Derbyshire... Oct 2014 seems to be the critical point when numbers fell sharply then continued a steady further decline right up to present.

I've still not figured out what happened in Oct '14 to make everyone suddenly decide they don't want to sell their houses anymore.

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This matches what my estate agent friend said in Coventry. I'm guessing prices too high for people to want to move.

I can't believe talk of recession isn't also scaring people into taking on a new commitment - its stopping my Mother in-law from her planned move (to a larger place for the family).

This causes a dilemma for agents, no stock, no sales, no income. Time for them to the opposite of what they have been doing - ie time to start talking the market down? Wonder when they'll stop being so thick...dumb question...

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