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Bbc Website News Reporting On The Referendum.

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I started taking screenshots of the way the BBC website is reporting the referendum, i intend to do so throughout each day of the 120 days of the coverage to see how biased the corporation is so i can have a case when refusing to pay the TV licence due to its lack of impartiality.

screenshots 22-2-2015 score - 3 v 0 in favour of "IN"

22-2 img1.JPG22-2 img2.JPG22-2 img3.JPG

screenshots 23-2-2015 score - 3 v 0 in favour of "IN"

23 feb.JPG23 feb 2.JPG23 feb 3.JPG







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I think you should post this to Medialens

The BBC has form when it comes to disinformation.

Reporters Without Borders is not bad either, though more concerned with political harassment/killings

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Will see what the screenshots look like in a month, i'd be willing to bet we see no more than a handful of what could be deemed pro LEAVE or anti IN screenshots in the coming 4 months.

Its still the "Cameron: EU exit a leap in the dark" story that leads.

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Lifted this off another thread but very relevant to this one http://blogs.spectator.co.uk/2014/02/the-millions-in-eu-funding-the-bbc-tried-to-hide/

Quite clearly the almost £4 billion from the licence payer is not enough.

The EU and BBC are very similar organisations; unelected leaders, grossly over staffed, grossly overpaid, with a lefty neoliberal agenda and accountable to no one.

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Collect enough evidence and submit a formal complaint to the BBC/Ofcom.

No point it'll be too late by then.

All i want is to not pay a licence fee, little victories and all that.


Its 1 v 1 today, "Leave" getting a headline at last, though 7 v 1 overall.

24 feb.JPG24 feb 2.JPG



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