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Asked For Works To Be Done, More Disruption Than Anticipated.

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Morning all, would appreciate a quick response if possible!

Have a small corporate landlord (private sector, professional couples only) run by a HA.

Best LL I've ever had and other than rent increasing 2% a year can have no complaints about their professionalism.

When the last increase came through after Christmas I mentioned a longstanding issue with some clothes going mouldy in our wardrobes, and the bedroom generally being cold. I reluctantly accepted the increase on provision of the wardrobes being sorted.

They've just emailed to say they can start next Monday and it'll be a week of disruption for plastering etc, bed in the living room. I've no doubt it'll be done properly and cleaned properly, it was when they replaced the windows.

Problem is its a lot of disruption and not much notice, plus we are leaving in May to go travelling. Given that I asked for it, is it worth now saying we'd like to forfeit the works until we move out?

We're on a rolling months notice now as our AST finished a year ago.

Would I be being a dick? I would happily keep them sweet if prices are still high when we get back, for first dibs on their other stock.

Would I be able to negotiate a week of no rent given that we sort of requested it?

They don't know we are leaving.

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In my experience, it doesn't matter how good the management company are if the builders don't care. Maybe eight years ago we had a similar problem in a basement flat - they called in damp treatment people and the place was a mess for much longer than estimated. I don't think it even worked properly...

But, having said that, I think you've made your bed (you and LL both agreed to something) and you have to sleep in it now...

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