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Übernational European Tax

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I think a parallel EU tax system, which foreign corporations would be obliged to adopt if trading in the EU would be useful. The money raised would fund the EU and replace the current system of direct national funding. EU based companies trading in other member states could also opt in (would probably end up obliged to). Solely domestic companies would continue as currently, but it would probably end up being included.

A compromise initial step could be, the tax raised could be distributed to the relevant nations based on turnover, and EU funding continue as before.

I am of course strongly opposed to the current EU parliament, and dread to think what would happen if we let those troughers have any more opportunities for self aggrandisement and enrichment, but assume a perfect world, with a fair, reprasentative, honest, european government.

I realise this will probably end up as "politics" but I am interested in the financial aspect. But feel free to move it to another sub forum in due course, mods.

If cybernat posts on this thread, please do not respond to his posts. And why are more of you not using "ignore" anyway? Do not respond to that!

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Having a free trade area without a consistent corporate tax regime across the trade area is essentially a huge corporate tax give-away because a small state at the periphery will always do the maths and realize that a very small tax take on a large tax base will always benefit them more than a normal tax take on a very small tax base.

This is what really gets me about people from the Left supporting the EU. It's a massive corporate rip-off and they're too stupid (really, it's because they are stupid) that they've been conned into thinking it's some sort of Up With People love-in (sorry about the Americanism, but it's the most apt thing I can think of).

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