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Up, Up And Away!

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I’ve clearly been spending too much time indoors, but this tale has just come out of my head and I need to know if it’s sh1t.

Up, up and away!

Once upon a time in a land far away there were a strange bunch of people who all lived together on a magical flying contraption.

You might hardly believe it, but these creatures had been able to keep themselves aloft for years and years and what’s more, they made their amazing machine bigger and better.

They had some merry adventures I can tell you, and despite the petty conflicts of life on board their journey was smooth and their numbers grew and grew.

But one time they had a mighty scare!

The contraption hit a patch of turbulence and many of its struts splintered, greatly discomposing the natives, who cried out to the people on the bridge.

The people who had been building out the airship looked round in shock and saw the ones who had lent them the scaffolding had turned white and were vomiting over the side.

The grunts who powered the pedals felt the whole thing shudder and were afeared. Some, who were free to move from zone to zone, looked at those who owned their own zone, and felt a special relief.

On the bridge, the captains took decisive action as the machine listed and bucked under the pressure of the storm.

They yanked their levers as far back as they could and then they turned their attention to the mighty canopy above them.

It was the most magic and unpredictable part of the contraption because it was powered by the happy thoughts of everybody on board.

The captains knew they would have to do their best to keep everyone positive as the winds buffeted the vehicle, which was fast descending through the stormclouds.

Verily did the people wail, but as the captains urged calm they slowly sensed things were levelling out.

As relief spread from spar to spar, the scaffolders helped everyone to patch things up, especially the builders, who got back to adding extra capacity for all the people living on the machine.

Confidence grew and grew, and the machine attracted admiration from far and wide for its stability and ever-increasing speed and altitude.

As the captains sighed with relief, the scaffolders and builders realised they could harness this admiration to help add new extensions to their vehicle, which was looking a little bit crowded.

Meanwhile, the magical canopy was still inflating because of the happy thoughts of the people. And the happiest of all were that special breed of people who owned lots of bits! They could see how many people wanted their bits and knew the machine was flying stronger and higher.

Yet, in the bowels of the machine was developing an audible grumbling which reached the ears of the captains. “How expensive it is to live up here and how hard we’re still pedalling!” cried the grunts. “And we can’t afford our own space!”

“Shush,” soothed the captains. “Look how high we are!”

“Your turn will come, for the builders are building. We know it’s crowded, but we’ll try and keep out all those poor stowaways. You have a good old moan about them, while we get these nice rich people all around us to help us expand.”

To be continued …

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