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Life In Post-Collapse Argentina - Oct. 2005

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Don't post here to often but read alot whilst lurking

I noticed in one of the other thread people talking about if shit hit the fan and about gold buying etc with a few mentions of Argentina

I only knew about what happended roughly in Argentina a few years back due to a friend from there telling me about the corrruption and amount money his family lost but thats a whole other story

But he did send me this to read which if true or not is a interesting read

As far as im aware its not been posted here before

I thought I might post this info for your reading enjoyment. It is a series of articles and Q/A sessions
from a poster named “FerFal”.
He was a student in Argentina during their economic collapse. He has some very good insights into
what life is like during a catastrophe. Particularly an economic catastrophe.
It’s a long read, but VERY worth it in my opinion.
I will post the first segment, and if there is interest then I will post the others. There are 7 parts in

All credit goes to FerFal and the other posters who comprise this series


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Thanks for posting.

God forbid we ever arrive at this. But it is easy to see how fast things deteriorate when, as the author reminds us, TSHTF.

I read some books by Rene Cutforth, a war correspondent, who also noted how the fabric of society - the veneer of civilisation, manners and niceness - soon breaks down in wartime. I wonder how long it would take now in the event of a currency collapse?

One of his recommendations is to keep a stash of currency at home. I was in Cyprus during the bank collapse, and indeed the queues outside ATMs formed in minutes, and the number of stores where cards didn't work grew exponentially. These systems can indeed break down from one day to the next. As did Northern Rock in GB, the Greek Banks last year, the Russian banks during the ruble crash.

It was indeed these private stashes of cash that precipitated the crime and looting phase. In Russia, in a very short time, almost everyone had fitted at least two steel doors to their apartment.

Maybe bitcoins/digital money would be very useful in a TSHTF scenario?

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