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This site is like so rubbish and the doom mongers are like so dumb!

I mean oh my God HPC has been going for like 3 years and still there is like no crash or nothing.

I mean like I am as think as two short planks but even I can see prices have wobbled and a few individual properties have lost lots of money. However like most properties are still selling like hot cakes at close to asking like price, whatever.

Just cos I had sex at 13 does not mean I rush into all things. But I is buying a property right now cos if I wait for a crash I’ll need like a 6 bedroom house to put all the like kids.

You know what I is like paying £1000 pcm in rent and my mortgage thingy will only like cost £935 pcm (250,000 price, 25,000 deposit, 225,000 @ 4.99 IO). So I is saving loads a dosh and I own my place. Wicked.

Best thing of all is:

I can do it up and make it like my own place. Maybe increase the like value, respect

I can rent it if I need extra dosh, or rent the spare room so £100 per week and put Gerome in my room, larrt in the lounge, and Hazza in my bed, oh and my mum in the kitchen.

I can take a mortgage holiday every 9 months with Northern Rock, I tried it with my landlord and he was like NO WAY!

I can never be given notice by my like landlord.

You know what too? If I rent and there is like a little crash and prices go down by like 10% I could save 25,000 yeah man. However if like the market goes up or stays the same then I has gained nuthin, just gonna lose a place I like really like.


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Yeah but you is not saying nuffink!

Just cos I works at a property site, which is like saying be well cautios of bad investments!! They is trying to keep me down. I is my my own girl and I can CAN BUY LOTS OF FLATS!

Just kidding. Although I did hear down in Leeds City Middle, you get a free 2 bed 2 bath BTL flat with each medium size pizza.


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Yeah crash you can swivell on my "second finger".

You knwo what, my boyfriend says that property will always be the best investment ever like. Do you know why?

Cos like with a house no one can ever like steal it. Gold can get knicked, as can share certificates, and business can go bust. House are like there forever.


And like my uncle says that people will always like need somewhere to live and you can like live the Footsie 100.


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Dont you be calling me no troll nither! I might be stupid but I would rather be stupid than a troll.

My landlord has been making like £500 pcm from the DSS from me for like 3 years I mean like 36x500 is like a lot!

He told me once that his mortgage was like £400 pcm so is making £100 a month every like month so that's like £3,600!


Although come to think of it about 6 months ago the like bolier packed up and it cost like £1,800 for a new one, and he said he has to pay like tax or sumthink too. And GAS tests every year. And like I think has to wait months for the rent from the council sometime. Still though he must have made like £WADS cos property always goes up!

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TTRTR is like not a stupid as like you lot like think!

I mean you is saying drop the portfolio like now but even I know that is totally mad!!! If like he has good cash flows (positive) and equity he should like hold on. Anyway my mate Jemal sold her BTL and had to pay like 40% gains on capital? Whatever.

Maybe though he should invest in other things in the meantime, like gold, shares, service stuff an all that. Then at least he can hedge an losses or still make WONGA on his like flats.

If you use a new fork for every bite you leave half your meal on dirty forkes. Best to like use one or two forks and make the most of the meal.


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Bestest news Chelsea 0 Arsenal 2. Respect. Cos my baba is called Chelsea.

The high point of the year was like the massive rise in rents accross the South Eastern bit. Check it below:



Rents going up is good for us all becuase BTL can service the mortgages, capital values look like more realistic, and like tenants are like back on the back foot. Bitchslap!

BTL is pumping themselves into debt.

Then agian, maybe dumbers will keep buying to let, then like prices will go up, then like rents come back down cos there is too many flats, then like values look less realistic, then it all gets too much.

YOu know what my prediction for 2007. The 50 year mortgage thingy! Pay half as much monthly just over twice as long. Affordability SORTED! BOOM BABY.

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YOu know what my prediction for 2007. The 50 year mortgage thingy! Pay half as much monthly just over twice as long. Affordability SORTED! BOOM BABY.

I've seen the light! I never thought of this. We're living longer, and we will be working longer (as the retirement age increases just enough to mean you never get to retire), so you can get longer and longer mortgage terms; therefore larger mortgages for the same monthly payments, so house prices can always go up.

Ah! So that's how it works. :P

Thanks Viki. You're so talented.

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