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I wonder what the main assumption is here....


Imagine not having to save up enough money to put down as a deposit for your next investment property. Imagine needing just one deposit to buy multiple properties. Imagine being able to grow your property business faster using this strategy.

Well, the good news is there is such a strategy. In fact, my business partner and I have used this same strategy when buying some of the 405 properties we've bought since 2005. So what is this strategy? It's this:

Firstly, you'll need to buy a property that's run down and needs work. Plus, similar properties must have sold for higher prices in the same street. Second, you must buy at a discount with your initial mortgage. You can recycle your deposit when re-mortgaging. Third, your first mortgage must have no early redemption charges. Finally, you get a higher valuation on your refurbed property.

What you have done is bought the property, refurbished it and re-mortgaged it.

You've pulled out the original deposit leaving no money in

This allows you to use one deposit to buy multiple properties. When you use this strategy you're able to buy more properties faster. Your property investing never stalls because of a lack of cash. You never run out of money for deposits. As a result, you're able to achieve your financial goals much quicker.

Exclusive Report Reveals Full Details

I want to give you a complimentary report titled; Buy, Refurb, Re-mortgage - The No Money Left in Secret. It reveals the strategy I've mentioned above in full detail.

Get your complimentary report now.

I also reveal the real secrets of profiting from buying to sell properties. In particular, youll discover;

Hidden costs which eat 10% of your profit when buying to sell. Beware!

How Google can help you to decide to buy a property. Hint; its NOT a previous selling price.

How to know your selling price before buying. More accurate than Zoopla and Hometrack.

Why a trip to your local supermarket can sell your property faster. Amazing!

Clumsy mistake that sabotages your relationship with estate agents forever.

Other sellers have similar valued properties. But you say these magic words to your estate agent and your property sells faster.

Critical difference between buying to sell and buying to rent.

Clever trick to get an estate agent to promote your property before other properties.

Buying to sell is always a great strategy, right? Wrong. The only time you should do this.

Tell-tale signs which warn you to pass on a good deal. Look for this in your calculations.

Sole agency or multi agency when selling? The answer will surprise you.

And much, MUCH more.

Get your complimentary report now.

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