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Selective Licensing For Oldham - Another Little Nail In The Coffin For Btl

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It's only some areas.
The licence fee is £490 per rented property.

Manchester tried a scheme a few years ago but it isn't in existance anymore.
Selective licensing

The Housing Act 2004, Section 80, gives powers to local authorities to designate areas for selective licensing where it is an area of low housing demand and/or an area experiencing significant or persistent anti social behaviour.

We don't currently have a designated 'Selective Licensing' area.

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From one of the forms:

3.4 Checks

Which of the following arrangements do you have in place to ensure new tenants provide adequate references as to their character, tenancy history and financial status? (please tick)
Use a reference pro forma on the website.
Use a tenancy reference service.
Ask your tenant for recent bank statements.
Ask your tenant for references from reputable sources.
Who do you accept references from? (please state):
Ask your tenant for a five year housing history.
Speak to tenants previous landlords.
Ask for formal identification such as passport, bank statements or utility bills.
Other (please state)

Under the Immigration Act 2014, landlords are responsible for checking the immigration status of their tenants. Are you aware of this?
Yes 0 No 0
What are/will be your procedures for checking the immigration status of your tenants?

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13 What are the penalties to the tenants for causing, or their guests causing, anti-social behaviour, damage or noise nuisance?
Formal procedures (such as Legal notices or eviction procedures)

Informal procedures (such as verbal or written warnings)

3.14 What are your procedures for dealing with tenants or visitors causing antisocial behaviour, property damage, noise nuisance etc.?

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And from another form:
Have you as the proposed licence holder, or anyone else associated with you, ever been cautioned by the Police or convicted of an offence involving any of the following (Note that convictions which are spent under the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974 do not need to be declared):

Harassment and/ or illegal eviction of tenants?
Assault against another person?
Crimes of dishonesty (theft, fraud, etc.)?
Offences relating to drugs?
Offences under Schedule 3 of the Sexual Offenders Act 2003?
Unlawful discrimination on the grounds of sex, colour, race, ethnic or national origins or disability in or in connection with the carrying out of any business?
Breaches of the Housing (Management of Houses in Multiple Occupation) Regulations 1990/2006/2007?
Wilful or intentional non-compliance with statutory notices served under the Housing Act 1985 (as amended)/Housing Act 2004/Environmental Protection Act 1990/Building Act 1974/Landlord & Tenant Act 1983?

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from the FAQ

What happens if landlords don’t comply with the licence conditions?

If the landlord breaches the conditions of the licence, he/she commits an offence and
may be liable for a fine of up to £5,000. This could also lead to the Council issuing an
Interim or Final Management Order, which will take over the running of the property

Why not offer this as an alternative from the start?

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Well overdue everywhere. Looks like BTL will no longer be the province of amateur LLs. I remember when childminding was being "professionalised" in a similar manner. The recent changes to the taxation of BTL also point in this direction ie it won't be an "investment " activity for much longer.

All those amateur LLs better get their properties on the market asap :) The writing's on the wall.

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Well overdue everywhere.

All they need to do is give the courts more encouragement to say "no evictions where there are reports of repairs" and give TS more bite to deal with it.

Oh and encourage tenants not to put up with crap!

Extra paperwork does the good landlords a disservice and the bad ones don't care.

You could FOI Manchester council to see how many LL their scheme took to court to see how unsuccessful it was.

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