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Help To Buy Scotland 2016 - 2019

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It seems to have been announced with a whimper rather than a bang, but I see that the Scottish Government launched a fresh Help to Buy scheme on 21 January 2016.


No proper details yet but it looks as if the scheme will be much less generous than the equivalent scheme in E&W, as the Scottish Government is only offering to contribute up to 15% of the purchase price (compared to 20% in E&W and 40% in London) and, crucially, prices of eligible homes, which must be new builds, are capped at £230k in 2016/17 (compared to I think £600k in E&W), with the Scottish cap reducing further to a paltry £200k in 2017/18 and a meagre £175k in 2018/19.

Can't buy much in the way of a family home for £230k in Edinburgh these days, sadly, so the scheme won't help me (unless there's a house price crash of course) but it may have an inflationary effect on prices in more "affordable" areas. The talk in the press release is of helping 5000 households buy in 2016/17 alone. That's 5000 households who can now afford to offer 15% more than they could before.

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A disgraceful attempt to follow the Westminster lead, with labour pushing the boundaries even further.

The Scottish tories also have announced a tax cut for the 40% bracket today (I'm not sure how they think they're going to implement it?) tory tribal memes to the fore.....

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It's not really of much help to folk looking for somebody to live as property is already expensive relative to most of us Jock's wages.

Aren't we supposed to be the parsimonious ones in the Union?

I reckon the legal mumbo-jumbo has/will be written with enough slack for investors to buy up property using government backing.

Could be talking out my ar$e or course, but that's whats been happening down south.

It looks like a free handout to house builders, quelle surprise!

Home builders may register with the scheme from immediate effect. A registration form can be requested by emailing ...

Stu M & ilk will be down on hands and knees drinking right from Sturgova Milk Bar boobies.

The numbers, 'ceiling' prices, seem to represent a property market that as based on a flourishing Scottish economy?

How is that going to pan out if there is a big oil led crash across the market, and all kinds of 'investors' race for the exit?

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