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Library Square Apartments Belfast

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I think we may have had this discussion before?

Anyways, I'd stay well clear. Not in the best of areas.

And if an agent mentioned structural issues why are you even considering it?

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Hi Joe

I would only consider it if the structural issues were resolved.

Did you ever buy a place? I have seen on old posts that you were looking for a place.

I am looking for a place to buy or rent in the city centre.

You know anything about these apartments called The Factory?



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Never heard of the factory - nah I've not bought anything yet - not really seen anything that I liked. Lot of crap overpriced houses for sale in Belfast at the moment.

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Does anyone have any information on this building?

An agent mentioned structural issues to me.



I rented a unit there on a short-term lease back in early 2006.

I had sold my own apartment but completion of my new build home (Redwood development which I briefly referenced in an earlier post) was delayed so, as I worked in a city centre office, I decided to rent there. It was the first apartment I inspected and I opted for it - simply because I wasn't going to invest much time in searching for a short-term let. I moved in shortly after the building had just opened and there weren't yet many residents in it - in fact, I think some of the upper floors may not yet have been ready for occupation.

I had a 6 month lease but, practically, had moved out within circa 3 months.

Location-wise, it certainly isn't the most salubrious part of Belfast but it was very central so, from the location perspective, it ticked the box for me as a short-term rental which was motivated by desire for convenience rather than a home.

However, I strongly disliked the building. Finishing in the units was cheap and of poor standard. More generally, I can recall leaks into the main hall / foyer and large swathes of the internal works of the building that appeared to be unfinished. I am generally ignorant of construction standards and techniques but I do remember thinking at the time that, being so bleak and cheap at the outset, it would likely significantly depreciate (in liveability and relative value) within a short period of time.

I cannot speak for structural issues but certainly would never have considered purchasing there for home or investment. Neither would I consider purchasing there now, irrespective of price.

There are two other points about the building. Firstly, the streets on either side, are narrow for a relatively tall (by Belfast standards) apartment building. As a result, I recall that there tended to be a lack of natural light in the building which was less than ideal. In addition, it is an ugly concrete building and a blot on that part of Belfast's skyline. Two sides of the building are just concrete and unpainted at that ...... cannot understand how urban planners allow that in the 21st century.

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