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Mikhail Liebenstein

Litvinenko - Was He A Bit Of A Troubled Character?

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With all the news on the inquiry findings on the death of Alexander Litvinenko, I decided to have a read up on some of the background.

Interestingly I get the impression of a somewhat disturbed character, who could be the sort of person who could make things up.

1) Defecting in the first place, a bit melodramatic as I am not sure the Uk was engaged in an espionage war with Russia at the time.

2) Accusations made against Putin following a photo of Putin kissing a boys stomach which was a rather public gesture and clearly not anything dodgy.

3) Providing consultancy against apparent Russian organised crime in Spain

4) Converting to Islam on his death bed, though apparently having considered conversion before this.

Not sure if it is just me, but I tend to get the impression of self indulgent fantasist.

Now I know Polonium is hard to get hold off, but the claim it would require the Russian President knowledge could also be a bit far fetched, as at one point they were worried about things like radioactive Russian seed sterilizers being picked up by terrorists and used for dirty bombs. So the availability of radio active material doesn't strike me as needing to be be a pure state sponsored action - I could equally see criminal gangs getting access, especially from some of the former Soviet satellite states.

What are other people's thought?

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Haven't the UK authorities deliberately ruled out any trial of the suspects?

That is to say, turned down the offer of a trial in Russia or even a neutral country. Bearing in mind there's no chance whatsoever that a trial in the UK would be fair, the Russians are acting entirely reasonably in declining to extradite them here.

Brits are right: the evidence looks compelling. Russians are right: the inquiry was heavily political. Who's to know the truth?

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