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Wanted Down Under

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I watched one a while back that made me giggle.

Family of four and the youngest lad had some form of pigment disease and was albino. The dad had his 'gap yarr' many moons ago and was convinced that moving his family half way round the world would be just like it was when he was 18.

Striking example of how powerful rationalisation really is. He actually believed that taking his albino son to an area of the world with an insane amount of sun was somehow a good idea.

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It's amazing how many have never even been to these places on holiday.

The gap year thing seems very common - and is understandable if a bit naive - but never even been to the place before ffs.

The whole shite trotted out about the 'lifestyle' is generally a pile of shite too.

Come home from work then off to the beach and after that a BBQ with the family and a glass of wine ? ****** right off.

After a day at work no **** can usually be arsed with that whether the sun is shining or not.

The weather is the reason - not much else - and while a place like Australia generally has a lot more warmth and sun than the UK - which is nice and I would like more of - it can also be totally shite as well.

Just had a Pal move there - for the second time. Don't really have the heart to tell him if I had to choose the worst time to move there for good - this would probably be it. Potential complete collapse of the economy on the cards.

I may of course be completely wrong as usual.

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Yes i think it's alot of hype really, seems alot of people that move there think it's the answer to everything, i think work can be hard and long hours often via FIFO (fly in fly out)

This consists of flying out to a mine in the middle of nowhere and living in a portacabin for 4 weeks then you get 1 week off to fly home and see your family.

I heard alot of people drive the long commute home after a days work and straight into their automatic garage, then stay in with the air-con on,

not go straight down the beach (often another long drive away) with a picnic etc.

From what i've seen the beaches are pretty much devoid of infrastructure and sometimes there is a public BBQ area in a carpark or you have to take all your supplies with you.

I think Bondi beach is actually more of a cove than a huge beach.

Property prices in a mega bubble with alot into BTL and multiple properties,

bit like Ireland in the run up to 2008.

Not been there myself but i think i would like to go to Darwin for the sub-tropical climate and to see the wildlife like crocs etc.

Healthcare? private insurance i take it?

How many people come back after a year or 2?

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I think they say on that programme its about 1 in 3 return within a few years.

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