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Another Disastrous Year For Uk Plc

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According to the EEF, the UK lost 96,000 manufacturing jobs this year. They also stated "If there are a similar number of cuts next year, the number of manufacturing jobs remaining will slip below the symbolic three million mark".

I hope people will refrain from spouting hog wash about 'post industrial economies'. The last 10 years have been a debt binge and the idea that we can enjoy a sustainable economy by borrowing to buy imported goods flies in the face of common sense. We need real jobs for lots of reasons.

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I agree, but I don't think any of the political parties have a chance of pulling this one around, investment and research 10+ years ago might have kept our industries ahead of the game.

They might get to shut the door after the horse has bolted and make great capital of it.

Still house prices only ever go up - how long does it take to train to be an EA and what qualifications do you need? Ho Ho There might yet be a good future as BTL landlord.

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Couldn't agree more Dog. Make it happen by voting in DaveyC.

Yes, you couldn't have a crisis in British industry and major recession under a tory government ... oh, hang on!!! :huh:

Why don't we give the lib dems a bash - could they do worse than our two main parties - two clubs of the same jokers? Seriously, could they? Their local taxation policies are progressive (although tough on tenant sharers (me!)) and they'll impose business rate local taxes on second homes. I think it should be a second local income tax, but still. They're a lot more grown up than the tories or nulabor.

I'm not a lib dem, by the way, I vote green wherever I can and lib dem as my second choice.

Garn, let's give em a shot - seriously, by the time the next election comes around we're going to have even less to lose!

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