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Hpc's New Year Resolutions

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Wheres last years ? May as well see if anything happened or not.

Hmm. Good point. Seems we've been here before.

From: http://www.housepricecrash.co.uk/forum/index.php?/topic/186184-new-year-resolutionsgoalslife-change/?hl=resolutions

Here's my 'good intentions' 3 years ago:

This year, all said and done, has been the most eventful of my life...I got a new job working somewhere that I've always wanted to work, I've done plenty of travelling, and I tried online dating for the first time, which peaked with me running off to Paris with an 18 year old girl less than a month after our first meeting (I am 29).I still struggle with lonliness and depression, and my dating experiences over the last year have taught me a lot about myself and the stuff I need to sort out (basically my own self esteem and assertivness) and just how cruel and messed up a lot of women are - I am a far wiser man than I was a year ago and I'll know when to spot the warning signs, and to distance myself as soon as I see them.

My aims for 2013 are:

- improve my physical health - healthy eating and moderate excise

- improve mental health - finally find someone to talk to (a good mental health councillor)

- procrastinate less and dwell less on the past; do more of the things I enjoy

- go on at least 3 holidays to places I haven't been before- join an 'evening class' of some sort to expand my social circle outside of work

- when I feel ready, start dating again but be less attached to the outcome as I won't be looking for a relationship to validate me and will be coming from a more confident and knowelegble place than I was a year ago, and therefore won't put up with nutcases

..... That was a bit hevy I know... But thems the facts!

In the 3 years since:

- my health is pretty much unchanged since then, thankfully I'm not overweight or anything but I'm not quite where I want to be

- slight change on this; I think I feel slightly less sorry for myself than I did back then as I was still reeling from some nasty dating experiences, and having my heart and head messed about with by a woman who still pops into my head on occasion and who unfortunately I still run in to from time to time. A month or so ago I finally got to the top of a CBT waiting list and I'm having some sessions with a CBT chap so perhaps this area will improve

- I still procrastinate, dwell on the past, and don't spend enough time doing what I enjoy. 3 years on. Major internet addict here

- been on plenty of holidays; tried the evening class thing and it was full of old age pensioners

- less said about my dating history since then the better; I can't be bothered with the whole dating thing any more to be quite honest

Biggest aim for the new year is to waste less time on Social Media/HPC/Mansophere/my own neurotic ruminating thoughts, the four combined take up a huge percentage of my time. I gave up HPC for a month which was good, but as soon as I came back I was on it all the time.

So from tomorrow, my aim is to stay away from the manosphere altogether, and only check HPC on a Sunday. So if you see me around these parts and it's not a Sunday, feel free to mock me for my lack of impulse control.

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1 ) Stop picking my nose.

2 ) Stop picking my a**e.

3 ) If I fail at 1 & 2, at least use different fingers.

A bit over-ambitious?

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I think if something is worth doing I can start it any day of the year, I don't need a particular day to motivate me. That said, I know it works for some people, so I wish all the best to HPCers looking to turn over a new leaf.

And happy w*nking for the rest of today.

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- been on plenty of holidays; tried the evening class thing and it was full of old age pensioners

Two years ago my new-years resolution was to learn Spanish - so I have been going to evening classes since then for that. Lots of people came and went in my class, and it eventually got merged into a different one. I also had some trial sessions in more advanced classes, and went to various meetups.

I saw quite a mix of ages and genders coming to the classes - it wasn't just OAPs. It did seem though that particular groups of people tended to bunch together - i.e. late middle aged people / pensioners did not seem comfortable with people just out of uni. Groups self-selected for homogeneity when at the start of each new term, some people did not come back.

The main issue I have had with the classes is the inclination that so many english people have to trash talk their own ability. People can waste so much time talking about how rubbish they are - they should just stop worrying and get on with it. I put this down to the culture in our schools (mine, anyway) where it is not cool to achieve in the classroom.

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I no longer make any new year resolutions because it means nothing to me. New year, like easter, is a cultural celebration that I no longer feel immersed in. Any rituals associated with them have been eliminated from my life.

For me the year turned at the solstice and it brought thoughts of day to day progress to longer daylight hours.

At christmas I ate things I'd prefer not to eat so it's back to normal now in trying to always view food as fuel and trying not to eat anything that I deem as not so good fuel. That's ongoing but of course I get tempted.

Tomorrow there is a reasonable forecast for my area. So the plan is to head to a nearby part of the coast that I love, with my dogs, in my campervan and have a chill out day with a good lunch. Sea air, walking,, a bit of reading of my current book and the thought that I don't know what will happen. Often when I'm out and about I meet people and have interesting chats. But ultimately I don't know what tomorrow holds. Life could throw me a huge challenge out of the blue or it could even end for me. That's the reality for me.

I hope for a better world but I severely doubt my own hope.

Take it as it comes day by day is my approach to life. Along with taking actions to do what I can, in my circumstances, to make improvements to my well being.

As for the wider world and all the sh*t that goes on in it....well I'm powerless to do anything much about that.

As a gesture to the time of year, I hope 2016 brings peace and prosperity to all of you on HPC. I respect this site. Lots of informative and interesting posts on here to make me think about the world I live in. In addition there are also many posts on themes (in OTF) that make me laugh out loud and brighten my day. Thank you to all posters.

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To stop being such a miserable git old before my time.

This may or may not come across on here. I have a tendency to depression. It comes and goes seemingly without provocation.

2015 was a miserable year. Lost my father to cancer. So it isn't surprising that I've been a bit subdued post July.

My mission this year is to stop "sweating the small stuff" and to finally complete a number of goals, to be more positive, and to act my age or younger not older.

We shall see how it goes.

Best wishes to you all.

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