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Hi All

I have not posted for years but follow the forum from time to time. Naturally I agree with the sentiment that the housing market is way overvalued especially in the south. It will of course correct, like always but rarely have we seem the state intervene so much in a market since the New Deal in the US.

Now Osbourne is a slippery fellow but it seems he has made or will make changes to the rural exception policy on housing. It will go from allowing "social" housing outside of a development framework to extend to "affordable" housing, which has to be sold at a 20% reduction to market value.

The reason I bring this up is actually that I have recently bought an old dog kennels about a quarter of a mile outside a village in the home counties. The kennels were not running and were so bad, we tore them down as regs were too expensive to comply with.

Well, naturally I am skint, big investment, but lucky to have reasonable equity.

I would like to know if this change to the Exception is law or simply a plan/guidance for local planning authorities.

I would love to build some starter homes for local families, I am a builder, but not sure where to get proper information on this policy. I do not get on well with my local planning authority...don't ask, long story, so rather not ask them.

While the policy does, like others help prop up a market, the principle is sound enough, bust or boom.

Any guidance or answers greatly appreciated.

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Planning consent does not have to stop at the local level (at least here in Wales it doesn't not 100% if the same can be said for England)

Here the process can go to the Welsh assembly but if that fails i think the planning inspectorate is the next step and from what i`m lead to believe( from someone that has been down this road more than once, consent given on both occasions ) nimbyism don't have much effect when it gets there ,but it`s a long process and not prohibitively expensive

Could be worth a look here https://www.gov.uk/browse/housing-local-services/planning-permission

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Thanks, I think this is likely to be a policy that runs, even with a left wing government as it makes sense to fee up more land, wherever it is, but as pointed out it may have to go to appeal and then higher, which is a ballache.

I may have a chat with my Parish Council and see what their views are.

I do prefer a well written EU law which has very defined articles, but the UK seems to like it grey for the lawyers to get a good payday.

Still, these policies are worth exploring.

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