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Osborne And Brown. The Two Most Political Chancellors.

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Brown left a trap in 2010for the incoming Tory led government. If they were true to form and cut spending properly they'd be guaranteed to lose the 2015 election.

Consequently the tories fought fire with fire. Osborne was equally political and bought political patronage with taxpayers money.

He had no political choice but to not be a proper Tory chancellor.


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[...]He had no political choice but to not be a proper Tory chancellor.

That's my view. Also to help spread the risks back onto wider market, broadest shoulders, allow the greedy to devour itself, whilst the banks deleverage(d) £Trillions from balance sheets.


'They seek nothing. They are with me.'


'They...' Horza licked his lips. All his rehearsing, all his thoughts about what to say at this moment, seemed to be useless. 'They are not all here by choice. But I had no alternative. I had to bring them. If you wish, they will stay on board this craft in orbit-'


Horza hadn't known DraAzon to interrupt before. He couldn't imagine it was a good sign. 'The... circumstances are... complicated. Certain species are at war. Choices become limited. One does things one would not normally do.'

-Consider Phlebas

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Whats the old saying?

Good economics makes for bad politics?

Bad economics makes for good politics?

Something like that...spend a 20 years pouring billions of taxpayer money on nuclear power and no one sees anything till later...Not difficult to work out why everything is 'borrowed', ideally from the private sector. The childlike electorate demand it.

Chancellors only do the right thing when bound to. Lamont, hated though he was, probably set the stage for those 'steady hands' Ken Clarke and Brown by being bound to ERM (at least for a while) and flushing the system. Did the right thing, but certainly not out of choice. Unlike most, I don't rate Ken Clarke at all. No better than Brown.

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