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Royal Mint Signature Gold

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Hi, first time investor so my apologies in advance for what might seem a simple query. Because of the difficulties of storage and the security involved I was wondering what are the disadvantages of buying and storing 'Signature' gold within the Royal Mint.

Also reading as many posts as I could regarding what dealers to use I am thinking of buying from Atkinsons of Sutton Coldfield a small number of Soverigns, the company seems to be well thought of and has good reviews.

My reason for moving towards gold at the moment is that I feel the dividend share market is maybe a little overblown, so it is time to diversify. I am more of a long term player for my investments. Peoples thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks.

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Personally speaking, I've been out of PMs for a while and feel no particular desire to buy back in. My thoughts in this area were somewhat influenced by this piece:


Diversify by all means but it's not a sure thing.

Atkinsons should be fine - I have used them before. The old question about storing PMs has cropped up here now and again. I don't think anybody has a convincing answer.

I did not know about this 'Signature Gold' service and I don't think it has been discussed here. The fee looks very reasonable to me. If you genuinely think we're headed for a nother bull market, 0.5% plus VAT shouldn't be a problem. I presume that CGT is payable on profits though. For a really long term bet for relatively modest sums of money, sovereigns might make sense. If you hide your coins and die, what happens to your estate? Lastly, if you do elect to buy coins, just get the cheapest sovereigns you can - the collector value will be ignored if you sell to a big dealer which is the simplest disposal method.

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Thanks for coming back Q G I am hedging the bets a wee bit and relying on the bad news perception rather than an end of the world scenario and of course it will be a long term play. I thought the Signature gold looked interesting and a part answer to storage, although not to the greed of governments. I do intend to split between Signature and soverigns and I note your advice about going for the 'cheapest sovereigns available'. As regards dying, nothing will give me greater pleasure than the thought of my sons and their families ripping the house to pieces to find them lol. Once again thanks for your input which has helped to underpin some of my thoughts.

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