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Bbc Red Button Promotional Channel?

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Is it my memory fading or didn't the Red Button used to give you a mixture of extras to transmitted programmes, sports which ran over, and festivals ditto ?

Now it just seems like round the clock repeats of some recently released musical product again and again.

Latest to benefit from the state funded broadcaster is 68 year old Jeff Lynne & ELO. Good luck to him, although the track I heard on the radio (BBC again) sounded like generic Macca, I even had to check that it wasn't a George Martin production. I then switched on BBC1 and he was on the One Show.

The point I wanted to make was that when these people were in their prime (and in my opinion any good and really worth watching) they wouldn't have got any promotion from the BBC.

Paul Weller and (new) New Order were others I have noticed enjoying a weeks coverage on the RB.

Wouldn't it be possible to mix the schedule up a bit, or is it a question of budgets.

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Thinking back to when I had a telly the red button feature was mostly inoperative; only being in use when they had lots of cameras at an event such as Wimbledon or Glastonbury so you could pick whichever feed you wanted.

So if they're now sticking some decent bands on as the norm that's a plus.

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It mystifies me. it is just really a couple of extra bbc channels. They should just call them bbc 6 and 7 or whatever we're up to.

The news bit on cable is slow and confusing. I still don't really understand how to work it. Definitely more is less. Ceefax was brill.

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