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Fergus Wilson Places Ad In Paper With Bizarre Boasts

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Oh well, that makes up for "On many occasions I prevented first time buyers from getting on the property ladder & then fleeced them for rent" doesn't it.

The old adage that you shouldn't vote for anyone wanting to be elected springs to mind here.

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22 stone with diabetes, I bet he gets loads of stuff for free on the NHS. Still looks 19 years older than he is and will probabakly have two decades of poor health around the corner.

A man of his age with diabetes is unlikely to see another two decades.
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What a p***k this man is.

We all know this man, he is that conservative supporting slob who believes that being a Tory and making out you have strong Tory values makes you one of the decent members of society. But more often than not they think decency is having short back and sides and watching Dads Army in a suit and tutting at anybody for example that might have tattoos or piercings or God forbid a mohican haircut even though they might work for Scope or are working at the Genome project.

They are usually bigoted closet racists with hidden alcohol issues that are justified by drinking with his so called influential mates such as masons and local councillors and who control their wives behind closed doors.

Yes we all know the type

I agree but take issue at the sleight against Dad's Army. It is an incredibly well-crafted satire of class, status and small town English life.
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