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Bloo Loo

Sad Faced Mum On This Morning Cant Handle 9 Year Old Girl

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I dunno, but the sad faced "victim" is becoming a meme.

First we have the constant sad faced Red tops with their problems, usually self inflicted.

Yesterday, we have rage at the sad faced Allergy sufferers.

Today, we have the half shaved headed mum who cant cope with her "delightful" 9 year old girl.

Ok, she has a mental daughter...but the sad face was evident under the shaven head...nobody can help, roll out the expert.

And here it comes, the words everybody wants to hear from the expert who has dealt with hundreds of such cases.

Is it the food?

Is it a same sex parent issue?

Is it shaven heads?

No. Because, Unique to all these cases, before the birth of the sick child, was an incident of stress in the mother.

Yes....Stress before birth is the common denominator....Stress that someone insulted their half shaven head maybe on facebook or twitter.

Or maybe she strayed into a Mexican restaurant where the stress of taking the piss out of the Mexican culture caused her the unbearable stress of being offended on behalf of Mexicans everywhere?

We must help these poor souls.

Stress is very very dangerous indeed.




Not only that, but she is a single mum with a new boyfriend.

Still, the expert said it was deffo Stress that is causing the outbursts of rage.


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Mum's a psycho. Father was able to leave. Daughter can't leave (yet) so is coping by being a psycho.

Daughter's future relationships with men probably won't be much more successful than her mothers.

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We need a bit if hate and violence in our lives.

The state monopoly on violence is highly unnatural. Hence our main entertainment consists of vicariously practising hate and violence through news, movies, and video games.

Better to war war than to jaw jaw.

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We need our daily dose of Hate and Angst, don't we? Someone to feel indignant and sorry for!


Speaking of hate, sounds like there are some anger issues all round in that little family unit. Children always copy from somewhere!


Oi! We don't use phrases like "family unit" on HPC! Such phrases are only used by Sociologists!

The expression you are looking for is "family".

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