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34 Months Of Consecutive Cat Sales Decline

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Moments ago, CAT reported its latest monthly retail sales and they were even worse than last month: in the month of September there was not a single region that posted either a increase of an unchanged print. This was the first month in all of 2015 in which every region posted a drop.


Putting CAT's result in context, the Great Financial Crisis resulted in 19 consecutive months of sales declines. We are currently at 34 months and showing no signs of any pick up.


As such, based on CAT's ongoing shockingly bad retail sales we wonder if it is no longer merely a global recession: perhaps that time has come to call it what it really is - a global industrial (at first) depression, which has so far been hidden from plain view thanks to $13 trillion in central bank liquidity, whose marginal impact is evaporating by the day and a Chinese credit machine which recently hit a brick wall.

How are CAT competitors doing? Are there sales declining as well?

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Demand for off highway/construction vehicles has plunged.

not just the main players but many industries supplying components have taken a hammering.

from my first hand experience I would say the SHTF about 2 months ago with orders lower than the worst periods of 2008. Definitely a heavy heavy industrial recession.

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Maybe the Chinese have finally heard of the old saying 'When you are in a hole-stop digging?'

I read recently that China used more concrete in a period of about two years than the USA used in the entire 20th century- if true it's an astonishing statistic and gives some idea of just how bloated their construction sector has become- it that boom is now ending it's no wonder the demand for construction vehicles has taken a hit.

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Demand is down 75% from 2010 highs. now lower than 2008 lows. it's all due to China.

Seems they alone were holding up world demand since 2008.

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Thought this was another Pussy price Crash thread.

Me too,

I assumed it was all to do with some correlation between increased numbers of people being forced to rent and landlords not allowing pets!

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