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Nazi's Targetted M42 During The War

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  • Closely guarded sub-basement underneath the railway station is called M42 but it's not on maps or blueprints
  • Nazis found out about rotary power converters powering rails Allies were relying on to move equipment and troops
  • The converters could be stopped by dumping sand into them but Nazi saboteurs were caught before they could do it
  • More than 750,000 visitors pass through the doors of Grand Central Terminal in New York City each day, but many of them are probably unaware of the secret subterranean operations room that lies 300 feet below the building and was targeted by the Nazis during World War II because of its importance.

    The closely guarded sub-basement ten stories underneath the iconic railway station is called M42 but it does not appear on maps or in blueprints and its existence was not even acknowledged publicly until the 1980s.

    M42 became a target for Hitler after someone who used to work at the terminal informed the Nazis about the rotary power converters that were at work converting alternating current electricity to direct current electricity and powering the railways the Allies were relying on to transport equipment and troops across the northeastern United States.

You thought it was the M42?

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My Mum and her parents, and their dog, were in a nissen shelter in the back garden when a luftwaffe bomb destroyed the house about 5 or 6 doors away.

Seconds different in altitude, drop, wind strength and TMT would not be here because my Mum would not have been here.

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Only because of your stupidly misleading thread title. Have you a point?

Of course he has, IRRO needed to reach his quota of posted DM links for the day or he wouldn't get paid... :rolleyes:

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