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Pac On Disposal Of Public Land For New Homes

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Has this been discussed so far - published on 24 Sep 2015

"The Government should be embarrassed by the failings uncovered by the PAC's inquiry into land disposal. Its entire approach has been wishful thinking dressed up as public policy. It also demonstrates an alarming complacency over the future of an irreplaceable public asset. Many thousands of people desperately need homes and an effective land disposal programme should provide two significant benefits: much-needed housing and much-needed cash for the public purse.

Yet the Government has no record of how many homes have been built or are under construction. It has no record of sale proceeds, nor their value in relation to prevailing market prices. There is no means of knowing whether taxpayers are getting a good deal from the sale of their land. We are told enough public space has now been sold off to accommodate more than 100,000 homes at nearly 950 sites. Land disposed of by the Ministry of Defence alone could hold an estimated 39,000 properties.

The Government cannot tell us how many of these homes now exist - or will ever exist. Instead it appears simply to have hoped huge numbers of houses would spring up across the country. Government departments have been instructed to draw up plans for further spending cuts and many people are rightly worried about the effects these will have on struggling public services.

It is an insult to taxpayers that the potential economic benefits arising from the sale of public land should be put at risk by such short-sighted Government mismanagement. With the next housing target already announced the Government needs to learn from its mistakes."


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Good find .. it's great to see that reports like this still get written; and hopefully used to insult the relevant politicians. I've certainly set it aside for such a purpose.

Personally, I look at that level of incompetence and my first thought is fraud - at least some of the sales will be going in cushy little backhanders because given the lack of records we'd be unable to assess the value achieved after exploiting planning permission and the value sold.

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It also sounds as if it doesn't know how much has been sold to overseas concerns - and if it has whether they intend to build any houses now or at any time in the future.

So has the land been sold but is just going to be hoarded as land again.

Maybe Corbyn will come up with some ideas on the subject because it seems that the current lots won't.

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