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Sipp's, Bonuses Now Christmas Will Save The Day

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From my local property rag :-

An emotional time of break ups - but boom period for agents

Christmas ding-dongs between rowing couples create a deluge of rental accommodation seekers in the New Years, with one local agent describing its office as being "like Battera Dogs Home" in the early days of January.

Another lettings agent said his office sometimes felt "like a branch of Relate" because of the number of people looking for a new home in the wake of a relationship breakdown over the festive period.

It seems that, far from being the season of peace and goodwill, Christmas is too often a time of acrimony and recrimination for many couples as the strain of being cooped up together, often with additional ugests or relatives, pushes tehm to breaking point.

"It's sad but true that we experience a phenonmenal growth in business in January" said Steve Barker, managing director of Belvoir letting agents, "People come in saying things like 'I never, ever, want to spend another Christmas with him-her' or 'You've got to get me out of that place - now.' (maybe it's the frustration of being stuffed into a one-bed flat?)

"You get people - usually men - turning up in the office with nothing but the clothes they are clothes they are standing up in (but with their pockets stuffed with £200k in notes?). Christmas provides a classic relationship breakdown material. Maybe the in-law come to stay and there are massive family rows. Or you might get the over-zealous party-goer whose partner has finally got sick of him and chucked him out. He turns up for his Christmas dinner only to find that the doors are locked.

"It's quite funny sometimes. You can't help laughing. But it's also sad"

Days' letting manager, Teresa Provost, confirmed that January was often "quite comical" with stray people, mainly men, turning up at the office desperate for somewhere to live. "We seem to get more men than women, but we do get both. There have been several occasions when men have walked in just a few days into the new year wanting somehwere to live because they can't stand it anymore. They've got the mother-in-law there, everything's getting on top of them, so they just leave.

But she added that Christmas bickering was sometimes just a snowstorm in a teacup. "Quite often what happends is that when they move out, then when I go and do a quarterly visit, the missus is there too! I had one man last year who came in on January 3rd wanting an apartment because he'd split up with his partner. I went along a week later to sort out the gas bill and his wife and kids were they too - they'd patched it up again! Oh well"

Several other local letting agents confirmed that they were expecting a New Year boom due to the Christmas bust-up phenomenon, but were reluctant to comment on what they viewed as "a sad situation".

One agent , who wished to remain anonymous, commented: "Christmas is the most emotional time of year when all the emotions peak. We get people walking in off the street with a dazed look on their faces. Decisions get made in the heat of the moment. Maybe someone who's been having an affair gets a bit of Dutch courage and decides to leave. All the normal stresses and strains seem to reach breaking point.

"Sometimes in January the office can feel like a branch of Relate. We have to mop people up and try to get to the bottom of it before we can help them. Some men come looking for accommodation before they have even told their wives they are leaving. We have to be very careful."


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yup.. I can imagine..

but then.. on a positive note.. how many couples have a great christmas and decide to move in together to..

You can't have a boom time in rentals.. not without properties stood empty waiting for them..

Oh right... we have those.. :)

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"Christmas ding-dongs between rowing couples..."

...I know Sir Steve Redgrave and Matthew Pinsett had done us proud in the Olympics but I had no idea that skulling was so popular...

...or that it was so contentious a sport!


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The spring bounce is caused by couples wanting to buy together after spending time together at xmas, the market is usually depressed before xmas and bounces after. However the market doesnt appear to be as depressed at the moment (due to sipps? or people deciding they have to buy). If the autumn isnt as bad as this year, i guess the experts are expecting a bigger spring bounce next year?

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