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Supermoon Eclipse Thing


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Set alarm for 3am, amazing sight. Watched it until about 4am. We live on the edge of the brecons and it's properly dark (some light pollution from Hereford but still very clear). Milky Way clearly visible when the moon was eclipsed which was a bonus. I've rarely seen so many stars.

I agree that the real sight was the stars. Never seen them so clear and numerous. Also caught a couple of meteors as well (I have asbestos hands). I need a better telephoto lens though. The sound of the auto focus hunting probably woke up everyone within a 1 mile radius.

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Was driving on the M5 last night at about 11pm, the supermoon was really obvious. Very bright, and it seemed huge! Unfortunately I was in bed by the time the eclipse started so no blood moon for me.

I drove round King's Cross in a Bentley one night at 03:00! :blink:

I saw no "stars" but I pretended I was a bishop.

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Venus was also dazzling this morning.

It's been a good month for astronomy. I saw Saturn for the first time a couple of weeks back - rings clearly visible - through my cheapo spotting scope.

Wife was unimpressed by the supermoon ...But then even Niagra and the Pyramids of Egypt left her unmoved. Strange bint.

I don't normally get that interested in stars/ planets, but what is it with Venus at the moment, it is bloody massive and almost takes on a planetary form with the naked eye, whether this is an optical illusion of the glare I don't know.

As I take my my morning walk at about seven Venus and Jupiter (that looks like a star) have never been so apparent to me before. Venus apparently gets within 26 million miles, beggars belief that it looks so big when it is slightly smaller than earth.


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