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Dab Radio Advice - Evoke Tempus And Wireless Headphones?

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My Mum is hard of hearing but loves listening to the radio at night... so I

am thinking of buying her an EVOKE Tempus DAB radio for Chrismtmas which are

about £90.

I also want to buy her a pair of wireless headphones so she can listen to

said radio in bed without disturbing the neighbours. I had a pair of

analogue Phillips ones a few years ago and they hissed so much I took them

back. I noticed in Comet today that they had a pair of Logitech digital

wireless headphones and I wondered if they would be any good?

1. Would the Logitech digital headphones work with the EVOKE radio? I assume

so but... Are there other brands that people recommend? Theses Logitech were


2. I assume the digital headphones would not have any hiss?

3. The guy in Comet said that a pair of analogue ones would work but, to me,

that is going from digital to analogue and I am concerned again about any


Any advice, tips, etc, welcome.


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DAB radio is a con at the moment, listen to it in a quiet place and it sounds very poor. Apparently it is to do with the low bit rates used to cram in more commercial stations.

At around £50-200 more than a similar analogue set, there is no justification to get one.

No idea about cordless headphones, my dad had some analogue ones too and they were awful, everytime you move the sound would break-up!

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