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Laptop Tablet Phone Use

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My observation of a normal middle-class family of four.


1 laptop

1 ipad

6 smartphones (I'm guessing, but at least)

actual home usage

200% laptop (ie, at least two people wanted it at any time virtually throughout the day)

10% ipad

0.1% phones

Ok, the phones obviously get more use outside the home, and checking twitter/messages doesn't take much time, but I find it strange that the laptop market seems to be flat on its back, and phones are so popular.

[ok, probably exaggerated a bit)

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Had my laptop and tablet stolen three weeks ago. Have replaced the tablet. It's a cheap one. Don't think I'll bother with another laptop. Must be the first time since mid nineties that I've not had a computer.

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2 people

3 laptops in use (Mac Pro, Air and a budget Acer).

(4 old laptops collecting dust. The oldest is a Pismo Powerbook and the youngest is a Dell Inspirion, all would be still usable for internet browsing and word processing - seems a shame to bin them !)

5 mobile phones: 1 x Sony Ericsson k750i, 2 x Sony Ericsson k300i (one is a backup - I really like them), 1 x iPhone 4s and 1 x Google Samsung Nexus S. All PAYG and all are in use depending upon the circumstance. I probably spend <£60 on calls a year.

No tablets as I can't see the point. My 11" Air is just as portable and does so much more.

1 internet radio

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2 Adults, 2 kids (+1 baby; doesn't count!)

7 PCs (1 Desktop, rest Laptops)

1 Tablet

2 Phones

This is probably quite an oddity, but I hard wired every single room up to my network, connecting to a NAS downstairs. So every room runs KODI and has access to all the media on it. Two run NextPVR servers in case anyone ever watches tv (no-one does though).

Tablet just gets used as a remote for KODI these days.

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2 adults

3 smartphones (1 not in use due to upgrade)

1 laptop

1 desktop

There are other work related devices but they are mostly unused in the home. Laptop is used most, then desktop.

Trying to work out whether to get rid of the laptop (which is not worth much) and get a tablet instead. Not sure I can quite bring myself to do it, as flawed as it is in some respects. It is fairly compact and light which helps, and I can't help but feel I ought to run it until it dies. Just put a fresh install of XP on it today and it is very responsive again. Battery is ok if not great but that's no big deal. On the other hand it is a bit big, and newer smaller devices do pretty much everything better.

Despite thinking the desktop was ripe for the chop a while ago, now I feel it is the one most worth hanging onto, given just how cheap it is for loads of storage and more or less free replacement parts due to obsolescence.

Don't have much in the way of demanding computing tasks which helps longevity I suppose.

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