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Are Isis Hpcers? Well, They Seem To Support The Gold Standard

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"ISIS have released a new hour long video, showing off their latest propaganda tool - their very own coin currency.The video, which includes a dreary and distorted history of world economics, shows the smelting of gold, silver and copper coins.

Dramatised by clips from Hollywood war films, the film accuses the US of 'confiscating Americans real wealth through an executive decree' with the introduction of the Gold Reserve Act in 1934."

Sounds like a ZH paradise - ISIS may torture, bomb and destroy, but at least you can't use a liar loan in the new Caliphate?

EDIT: a slide from the ISIS video


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lol, now I guarantee the US and anglo american empire will go from being moderately bothered about whats going on in the middle east to sending all our military might there tomorrow morning.

You can kill thousands of christians, gays and 'other' muslims, desecrate vast numbers of historical artifacts, and even plot to blow up parts of europe.

But never, NEVER, dare criticize our PONZINOMICS schemes. For politicoscum, thats their bread and butter.

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A surpsing amount of DM comments agree!

"There is NO "good" reason the world abandoned gold currency. It only did so due to the greed and conspiring of an elite few. Unfortunately as deluded as we might say isis is in regards to other matters, they are 100รท right about this according to western economists who have been warning the world about the current monetary system for years"

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