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So, What Do We Know About Hook And The Pembs Estuary Area?


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Just having a little bumble through the lanes around Haverfordwest today and I was taken aback by the number of properties on the market. It's not an area I usually look at - generally I'm driving through en route to the West, but I wonder if anyone here has any local knowledge of the village Hook, or other communities in the area? It seems a bit of a dormitory - linear settlement without a nucleus... is that unfair or accurate? Do people live here or holiday?

Thanks - as ever I'm grateful for your insights.

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Hook's an old coal mining area (if you're doing a survey) - a beautiful little place - good river walks - peaceful but near enough Haverfordwest, and prices are very good - a nice enough place - not a holiday location, really. Llangwm - an old Flemish village further down river is lovely too.

That said, this is Pembrokeshire - very poor economy - OK to retire to (or possibly not seeing that they're scaling back hospital) - Carmarthen has more going for it - Llandeilo or somewhere, if you want to come west. That said, Pembrokeshire is very English, historically, so many retirees like living there for that reason - in Hook they haven't spoken Welsh for 1000 years, as a community language (ever since the Flemings, Normans, English settled there) - that goes for most of Pembrokeshire (especially the south).

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The gogs are going to do their best to make everyone in Pembs speak Welsh.

the north of the county traditionally Welsh speaking but south not so for last 1,000 years or more - the place has a massive identity issue - in the middle - St Davids, Narberth and so on people mainly non-Welsh but many speak Welsh (majority in St Davids, historically) so you have v British places that speak Welsh with a Somerset burrr I kid you not - then further north identity shifts again - more Welsh between Gwaun and Teifi - Teifi marks shift from mainly British Welsh identity to Welsh first identity - you enter the Welsh heartland, which in many ways is an easier place to live. Less nutters running around having a prob with identity - a large number of language activists come from Pembrokeshire because of the split identity.

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Recently Cardiff, Newport and Blaenau Gwent council leaders have said that the Welsh language is pretty much an irrelevance in their areas. Unsurprisingly the Welsh language fascists have got their knickers in a twist about it.

Wales has far bigger things to worry about than the Welsh language - like fixing the economy. A good bit of Wales (including Pembrokeshire) is considered so poor by the EU it gets European Structural Funds money that normally goes to places like Bulgaria or Romania. Have a look at the map below, any area in red is eligible for this money, so parts of Poland and Hungary are better off than half of Wales.


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