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Reality Tv Betting Scam Exposed. Betting Eh? Hmm...

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This got me thinking. Betting companies like Ladbrokes are in the business of making money

and have many expert statistitians and researchers that investigate in detail the odds on any

bet that you place. So… they are less likely to lie about the figures.

Has anyone walked in to their local betting shop and asked to place a bet on a house price crash?

2 outcomes.

1) They give you low odds. They agree with us HPCers.

2) Their stats teams are sucked in as much as the rest of the VIs are and give you high odds.

And as we are in the know we will make a great return on our £10 bets!

What do you think? B)

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I'm afraid the race has started and they won't accept bets on a foregone conclusion.

What would be their definition of a HPC anyway?

Really? Have you already tried? :o

Have I missed the boat on that as well?

If they did stop taking bets on that topic then that really would prove that the HPC is

a high possibility. They would then only really just change the odds. But to completely

stop taking bets that really would admit to the HPC.

Hmm. Did not think my topic was an off topic?

I was just trying to suggest a way of tapping in to a very large pool of

statistitioans that would analyse the HPC and economy data and would

not lie about it. Which is something that you see on the BBC.

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