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Any bulls out there? Read these anecdotes by sellers trying to sell their properties in the current market and weep...........

‘Surveyor and estate agent couldn't find anything wrong. Its at the correct value (under by 10k if anything), so thats all good. Apparently you 'used' to make a sale by around the 12th viewer, however times have changed and our agent estimates that to be around the 45th viewer now! We're on our 14th viewing so we've a fair way to go. Mustn't lose hope’

‘Hi Folks

Our house on the market for 300,000 detached, plus conservatory and 3 massive gardens and not a sniff of a buyer in sight. tried all the house doctoring stuff and even boot the dog out if the agent rings in case he says were are getting viewers and still a dirty big NOTHING.

keep smiling everyone our turn will come (soon i hope)’

‘after the first buyer pulled out we are busily decorating to get it back on the market after christmas although we have got a couple of offers from "National homebuyers" and "Quick Sale" but they were far too low’

‘I don't post on here much these days but here goes, we had our house up for sale for 10 months, had only 3 viewers in that time, no offers, so we are now going to rent it out, had more people round in just a few weeks than 10 months. We haven't got a definite tenant yet but are keeping our fingers crossed, should hear tomorrow’

‘We had to drop 11.5k to secure the deal but to be honest I think it was a bit overpriced to start with. It would have been nice to get a bit more but the offers weren't exactly flooding in’

‘I know I think its disgusting all the agents are the same round here, no free advertising and they dont do accompanied viewings... in fact they dont do bugger all! apart from drive around in brand new mercs’

‘Been with new agent a few weeks now. 1 viewing (never got any feedback) and sod all since. Signed up for a 5 week contract (they wanted 12 weeks!) and this'll see us upto the cut off point of mid November (so I'm told) where it dies for xmas. Don't really feel like we're on the market now to be honest, just gonna wait till the new year and try ANOTHER agent! This time I think we'll go with AGAIN a reduced price, but we'll do what that member was saying recently about dropping 2K every week or so. Gonna lose loads on this house sale I reckon, but just want to go! ...’

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Any bulls out there? Read these anecdotes by sellers trying to sell their properties in the current market and weep...........

Excellent anecdotes. Can you put dates on them?

Please please everyone out there keep posting stuff like this, it is far more important that price indices.


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