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This Should Add Some Fuel To The Fire

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Sadly, it might cause the pound to rise against the dollar as the dollar weakens. That would cushion us against inflation for awhile allowing IR's to stay low...


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As long as teh Yuan is pegged to the dollar Chineese imports will be very cheap and the US defeicit will grow, this is very bad for the US as it is a clear indication of money flowing out of America and into China. Not very good for their labour market as job creation shrinks.

Hard times for the US mean hard times for everyone. If US corporate taxes go up it generally slows the global economy as the vast majority of the worlds largest companies are US entities click here for list

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China's role is actually not as important as some might think, it accounts for 13.4% of imports, a lot but its not like a change in the value of the Yuan but 10% is going to make much of a difference here.

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Padders mate your bang on, but this fraction is growing as the US continues to outsource work to China.

Think what the US defeicit might be in three, four or five years time

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