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How I Met My Identity Thief

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Early on the morning of April 2, 2015, I received a text message from a number with the country code +91:

Hi sir…

I just figured it was SMS spam, and I ignored it. Eight hours later, I got another message from the same number:

U know.. Who I am??? ?

Annoyed at the insistence of the triple question marks and confused by the familiarity that smiley emoji implied, I wrote back a simple “No.” Within seconds, I got this:

Im hacker of your fb account… ?

Six weeks earlier, my Facebook account had been hacked. I spent several hours in a tug of war for control of the account, and once I finally locked it down, I could see that the hacker was based in India (country code +91).

I thought it was over, but here my hacker was,texting me. Was this a second-wave attack? Did he have demands?

Why?” I asked.

Sorry for that trouble… I am just try to hack one verified account… ?

Yep, I have a verified account on Facebook. According to Facebook:

“Some Pages and profiles are verified by Facebook to let people know that they’re authentic. You’ll see a blue badge next to a verified Page or profile’s name. These Pages and profiles may include: Celebrities and public figures, Global brands and businesses, Media.”

Do your Facebook friends have blue badges next to their names? If not, they may not be authentic friends.

Like a hostage negotiator in a movie, I decided to keep my hacker talking. For days we texted back and forth.

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Mental illness?

Surely if he had a habit of picking locks, moving a few things about and stealing nothing, just for the hell of it, we'd put him in a loony bin.

Which would you say was the more mentally ill, the hacker or the writer of that truly dire "article"?

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