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Ever Been A Property Guardian? Thinking Of Trying It..


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Was wondering if any HPC'er had/was thinking of being a property guardian? I'm thinking of trying it as an interim solution as one has come up that fits most of my filters. The deposit is fairly hefty but I'm hoping this & the vetting, acts as a filter to keep any other guardians of good calibre. As far as I can tell you just get an empty room, that you pay a cheaper weekly fee then rent/hotel room would be.

Worth a go? Or not?

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IMO yes, if you can get in on it. Bear in mind , looking after a building, even by just sleeping there at night , can be a bit of a bind . Also much less security than tenants .

At least your not lining a landlords pocket directly, though perhaps indirectly.. ie old building waiting to be be developed etc .

Interesting recent article on subject...


Property guardians: a solution to the UK’s housing crisis?

The companies behind property guardian schemes claim to be providing sustainable housing, others claim they mark an erosion of tenant rights

......Given the depth of the crisis, it’s unsurprising that property guardianships are booming. Guardians pay a licence fee to occupy part of a building, to secure it and prevent damage. Most buildings are not housing, and the guardian is not a tenant, meaning they have few legal rights.

In 2014, market leader Camelot property management grew by 39%. Rex Duis, who is researching the schemes for tenants’ rights group Generation Rent, estimates that Camelot is one of about 28 companies employing guardians in London. Guardians are also present in smaller numbers in all other major UK cities. Research by security firm Orbis estimated last year that there are about 4,000 guardians in the UK.

This expansion has come with a call for regulation from tenants’ rights groups and a preemptive push to professionalise by many guardian companies. In some cases, this has involved companies rebranding and emphasising the affordable housing aspect of their model, and their ability to place guardians in buildings that would otherwise be empty.

There is evidence that some property guardian companies are trying to further blur the line between security firm and sustainable housing provider.

“[Property Guardianship] offers huge benefits to those who can’t get on to the property ladder and are desperately looking for affordable housing in London,” says Gavin Handman, head of operations at Guardians of London. “Property guardian schemes could and should become a long-term part of a healthy UK housing system.”

Not everyone is as positive about the potential of property guardianship. Gloria Dawson wrote her master’s thesis on guardian schemes at Leeds University, and has been researching the industry for years. “[The expansion of property guardianship] represents a worrying trend towards temporariness and precariousness in housing contracts”, says Dawson, pointing out that guardians can be evicted with two weeks’ notice, although in practice it can be even fewer, and are “fairly unequivocally told by guardian companies that they don’t have any rights”.........

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I did it for 5 years. Was great living in central London places for 50-80 quid a week and saved me a fortune.

How long ago was that?

Was once told that bottles of water outside my door were a fire hazard.

Hehe. Any obstruction in the corridor is a fire hazard in the letting agents' books. Even under a (spiral) staircase, totally out of the way of where anyone would go to get in or out, in my previous place.

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There are many people that are paid good money to live in, care and keep buildings, often very nice ones in nice places.....a full time job.

An empty property is a vulnerable property.....gets damp and can easily fall into disrepair.....the insurance is hefty, for a reason. ;)

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