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Sold Properties Continue To Sit On The Market

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Almost half of the properties I enquired for were either under offer, sold, had viewings suspended and some were sold STC by one agent and put on again by other agent. Why are they marketed then ?

What is going on? This certainly seems to be an unfair practice. Is there a way to report/complain?

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I found this too. Very frustrating, but you just need to make plenty of calls in addition to browsing zoopla etc.

I think they do it for several reasons:

An EA told me once offer is accepted, there won't be any more viewings, but he leaves it online and takes details of interested buyers. If I don't book survey in a fortnight it goes back on the market.

They are lazy or forget to take the advert down. Maybe there is a fee to remove the listing or to re-list and they want to avoid this.

They hope people will call and give their details, then try to sell you another property.

Probably best not to do anything.

Once you've stopped looking (either bought or decided against it) you could arrange some viewings and not turn up. Then if they call to ask why you didn't turn up say: "I'm not looking. I just arranged some viewings to waste your time, just like you wasted mine by continuing to advertise properties which weren't available"

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I went through this a few years ago when looking at rentals. Spent way too much time on rightmove finding the ideal place, only to enquire and be told it is "no longer available"

rinse and repeat about 10 times...I had then spent around 10 hours in total of my time looking at places, spying them on google streetview to find out if there were schools nearby (i hate traffic) and so on...and still, every place was not available.

I tried another tactic...found a place I could live in, and walked into the estate agents office with a prinout and said "i would like to rent this, where do I sgn?"...and was told it was not available.

So as I was there I asked since when was it not available..."oh, about 2 months"...and then I did what I always do best. I asked then wtf they use this new medium, the internet, and then f*king waste my time..you have the tools to make this a faceless, easy, almost zero-cost, full-profit transaction, and yet you f* about with my time, playing f* games.

I made a proper big f* scene in their offices (large chain)..and then walked out

And I wasnt "having a go"..that was purely how I felt as a potential customer. Damn waste of time "professional estate gaents" playing schoolboy games "oh sir, that is an example of properties we have, that is why we still have it listed, to show you what is available"...Oh MY F* god!

as little britain said...I spent my time researching, now "i want that one"...thats why I made an enquiry.

Honestly, just a bunch of jokers..through and through.

I reported them to head office, I found all the previous listing and sent (form based) complaints to rightmove, and I'm not delusional...nothing will get done..the big ship UK just does as it has always done...milk the little guy

What is the point of having "rightmove"? with photos, descriptions and prices, when THOSE EXACT places are not what you have for sale/rent? You are wasting my time...and you probably have someone employed to do your rightmove listings....so you are paying someone who's job it is to waste my time. That my good estate agent friends, is a pisstake and an insult

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An empty EAs window is the worst thing they could envisage.

Leaving properties no longer able to transact makes them look busier than they are.

When looking to move, you give them your spec, and inspite of walls covered in prospects, they bring out the two or three available from the live file.

Unlike Travel agents who are outlawed on this tactic, EAs seem to be above the need for any law.

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Is there anything that you can do?...well, if you have made an offer on a property make it a condition of your offer that the property is withdrawn from the market. If they continue to readvertise it withdraw you offer and put a note through the sellers letterbox.....the customer will soon get piss'@d off with THEIR agent when they lose a sale.

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