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Shi^te Estate Agents - A Tale

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So, as some of you know I am a landlord in Australia now. I thought you might to hear some of the shitty things that the agents we have appointed (who had great reviews, etc) have done which is bad for the tenant and bad for the landlord.

i) For a simple repair, recommend a firm which looked to charge 7 times what it actually cost me to use a local tradie. I wonder what their kickback is.

ii) Not tell me about tenant requests for repairs until weeks afterwards. This really pisses me off, as the tenant probably thinks its my fault for heel dragging

iii) Mis-describing a needed repair so I thought that legally the tenant was responsible for fixing, then three months later telling me the truth. Again, bad for the tenant and bad for me

iv) Quoting a vague 'privacy law' for not giving me information on what the tenant has asked for. When I have pressed, lying about the Act concerned. I'm still chasing this one.

v) I dropped the rent for the tenant as they agreed to do basic gardening etc. Agent 'forgot' to cancel the agency gardener and billed me twice for it - I had to ask for it back

So - some of the bad 'landlord' behaviour might just be down to the agents. The tenant wants to extend for another year, which I am happy with with no rent change - thinking of going for a direct landlord/tenant relationship as it can't be any less honest that these....


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If you are resident outside the UK I think you are obliged to have an agent who is resident in the UK.

I think the logic is that tenants needs a UK address to serve the landlord notice.

You will need to check that though.

Sounds like you need to stop using your existing bunch of jokers though!

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Update -

they sacked the agent I was dealing with and have given me a new guy. He seems a bit better.

However - tenant approaching end of 12 month fixed tenancy. Agent asks me if I will accept a 6 month fixed tenancy as the tenant wants flexibility.

I ask why, in that case, they are not recommending a periodic (which the fixed lapses too automatically). That will save me their re-contracting fees and give the tenant flexibility.

Silence for a week, then agreement it is best.

Self interest above client interest, once again.

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